Neoprene Flashing

Neoprene Flashing Systems for All Roofing Applications

Neoprene roof flashing from Passaic Rubber is the flexible, durable flashing solution for residential and commercial roofing projects. Its composition allows for its application in all environments, to provide a superior roofing membrane as well as providing a superior seal. Our Neoprene Roof Flashing System is available in two varieties: Passaic Green Universal, which uses a cold bond, peel-and-stick adhesive backing; and the Passaic Green Field-Curing Neoprene (applied with rubber roofing cement). Available in standard 100' rolls up to 48". Wider rolls available on request.

The benefits of Passaic Green neoprene roof flashing are:

Compatibility – Apply it to any kind of roofing such as asphalt, wood, tile, sprayed polyurethane foam, galvanized steel and other metals, cold fluid-applied coatings.
Versatility – Use it for window flashing (including vinyl windows), door flashing, rain gutter joint seals, HVAC metal duct seal, and more.
Long-lasting and cost-efficient – Passaic Green neoprene flashing out-performs the competition in terms of lifespan; it remains malleable over longer periods of time, does not deteriorate in harsh environments, is easy to install, and is highly adaptable to irregular surfaces.
Resiliency – Passaic Green Neoprene expands and contracts without tearing, cracking, or breaking. It also resists abrasion and temperature/weather extremes, remains intact, is fully waterproof.
Workability – Unlike other flashing materials, Passaic Green Neoprene flashing systems can be applied in oily environments.
Sustainability – Passaic Green’s long lifespan means less landfill waste; it is manufactured under sustainable practices; provides better protection to the building envelope by creating an air-tight and water-tight seal; and uses low-VOC or zero-VOC emission adhesives (depending on product).

Passaic Green Universal Flashing: Peel & Stick for Ultimate Convenience and Ease
Our self-adhering or peel and stick neoprene roof flashing provides superior convenience and versatility for numerous situations. It is composed of specially engineered .075 mil self-sticking, non-staining neoprene. It has a cold bond adhesive under a peel-and-stick backing. Its ease of use is unsurpassed.

Always carry a roll in your service vehicle. You'll be glad you did. Available in 50' rolls. Request more info.

Passaic Green Universal spec sheet

Passaic Green Field-Curing Flashing: Superior Performance in any Environment
Passaic Rubber’s high-performance neoprene roof flashing is applied with the adhesive of your choice; this variety of rubber flashing is a .060 mil non-staining neoprene membrane. It provides a long-lasting, cost-effective flashing membrane compatible with any roofing material and substrate.

Passaic Green™ Field-Curing Neoprene Flashing is available through Passaic Rubber Co. Contact us for more information.